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A Community Created to Help You Find Your Tribe

About Us

The iCAN Collective was founded on the pillars of Innovation, Collaboration, Accountability and Network (Yes, it's an acronym!).  We strive to give women a space to build a foundation of collaboration, authentic connections and support as they blaze new trails on the path of entrepreneurship or in their careers. We started our journey by hosting conferences, workshops and panel discussions featuring expert speakers and highlighting representation on every panel.

What started as meetings in coffee shops and networking events has grown into a coworking community and a movement. 

If you're a sidehustler, full-time entrepreneur, visionary or creative looking for your tribe, you've found it.


About The Founder

Afenya Montgomery, MBA, MSN, RN created The iCAN Collective as a business networking platform and information resource for women entrepreneurs.

Afenya has led a leadership career spanning various industries from retail to healthcare.

After realizing that supporting women in pursuing the careers of their dreams was a passion, she took the leap into entrepreneurship.  

She is a fierce advocate diversity, inclusion and equity.  Her goal has always been to amplify the voices of Black women across the diaspora. The iCAN Collective is her own dream business come true. 

The iCAN Collective is a coworking space and business event studio for women that want to grow their businesses in a creative environment.  

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