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April 6, 2020

11am-4pm CST

Beast Your Business Summit

This small conference is for women who are figuring it out and doing what it takes to thrive.  2020 is still a year of great vision but as business owners, we have to make some tough decisions.  

We're Talking to The Experts

We're all trying to figure this thing out. Some large corporations are closing their doors.  Small businesses are taking a huge blow. BUT, we know we can bounce back.

Learn from business owners that have been killing it before the pandemic and have pivoted to ensure that their businesses survive post-crisis.

Every Industry Can Benefit From These Conversations

No matter what your business category is, there is a way to generate revenue, retain clients, get new ideas and maintain some sense of normalcy during these uncertain times.



Keynote Conversation with

Monique Rodriguez, Founder of Mielle Organics